Tattoos and Piercings in Grand Rapids, MI

You Think and We'll Ink

Share your tattoo idea with us and we'll make it happen

You're a diehard fan of a certain band. You own all their merchandise and collectibles, go to all their concerts and even have signed memorabilia from the artists. Is there any other way you can show your passion for this group? How about a tattoo of their logo on your upper arm? If you'd like a tattoo of something you're deeply passionate about, visit Dawg Tags Tattoo LLC.

We have two artists, and we charge by the piece. Our capabilities include color tattoos and black-and-white portraits. Give us an idea of what you want, where you want it and the level of detail, and we'll give you a rough estimate before your appointment.

Contact us at 231-592-8247 today to schedule your tattoo appointment.

3 reasons to get a tattoo

There are plenty of great reasons to get inked. Here are some of the common reasons people choose to get tattoos:

  1. Express your creativity or sense of style
  2. Commemorate a lost loved one
  3. Show your support for a cause that's important to you
Work with Dawg Tags Tattoo to choose the perfect tattoo.